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We are having supply issues from our beef distributors and they cannot deliver beefsteak meat and what they can provide has more than doubled (some cuts tripled) in price.  Unfortunately, due to this current shortage and the much higher cost of beef, all entrees containing grilled steak will include a temporary $2.00 surcharge added to the price listed on our menu.  As the beef processing facilities start up production, the supply shortages should be reduced and when our pricing reduces, these reductions will be passed on to you.

To help you through this temporary increase, we are currently offering our Happy Hour pricing all day long.  Come in and enjoy a 16 oz. draft beer (Mexican and American) for $2.49, a 16 oz. house margarita (rocks or frozen) for $5.75, house wine (Mondavi Woodbridge) for 3.75, and house liquor, 2 for $5.75.    Salud!